Calcel Ecotop

Cold-mix asphalt composed of an odourless and solvent-free plant-based binder. This plant-based asphalt binder has guaranteed ease of use in any weather and its environmentally-friendly nature respects our commitment to the environment.

Environmentally-friendly odourless cold-mix asphalt comprising emulsion and vegetable oil for road repairs. The resistance of particle size 0/4 is ideal for repairing the surface course.

Packaging available

25 kg bucket

Inner bag

1000 kg Big Bag

Washed and dried aggregates

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It has a large range of uses:

  • Potholes, deformed roads
  • Repair of trenches after works, e.g. water, gas, electricity
  • Filling and sealing holes from signposts and bollards
  • Manual operation in confined spaces inaccessible to hot-mix asphalt laying machines

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Calcel H2O

High-performance, solvent-free cold-mix asphalt which reacts to water and hardens quickly. It allows for permanent road repairs. Its composition allows it to repair roads with a similar performance to that of a hot-mix asphalt.
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Calcel Primer

The CALCEL bitumen emulsion is a cationic emulsion modified with medium breaking polymers packaged in a 20 L container with a spout.
Etch primer for use before cold-mix asphalt, ready to use, apply cold.
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Rapid Band

RAPID-BAND is a bitumen sealing strip modified with SBR elastomers and extruded resins which has been industrially pre-shaped and pre-manufactured. It is self-adhesive, applied cold and ready to use. This system has been created to seal surface course cracks to avoid water penetration and create a vertical expansion joint between two layers.
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